Online Course Delivery


Online Education MagicalAll online courses are conducted in real time using eLearning software expanded with mp3 audio files. The agendas and information for each class are posted at a web address emailed to students before each class session. The agendas include all of the graphics needed for a particular class. Each class that has an audio exercise or meditation has a link to the mp3 for that class. If they so choose, students can create their own mp3 files to upload for various activities. The eLearning software includes news forums, Wiki pages, and other capabilities that augment the classes. Workbooks are delivered online through the eLearning software. The same workbook and meditations that are used for in-person courses will be available online to students after registration.

To register, see the registration information page. Centers For Spiritual Living Online Education offers different certificated courses that can be used toward the prerequisite requirements for entry into Professional Practitioner Training. However, these courses can be taken simply for personal Spiritual growth without the intention of moving forward with Practitioner Studies. The two years of Practitioner Studies are also available through Centers For Spiritual Living Online Education. Students who wish to enroll in the Holmes Institute accredited Master’s Degree program and the School for Spiritual Leadership that prepare Ministers for licensing must first become licensed as Practitioners by Centers for Spiritual Living. Students can complete all of the courses through Practitioner licensing online.
*Foundations of Science of Mind is a prerequisite for all other certificated courses. Please see the Certificated Course Info page for more information about the courses offered.

**It is recommended that students only enroll in one course at a time so they may fully dedicate themselves to the Spiritual Growth presented in each course.