Professional Practitioner Studies Year II


grad capPractitioner Studies Year II is a 30 week course divided into 3 terms of 10 weeks each.  Students are required to attend an in-person retreat at the end of Professional Practitioner Studies, Year I and Year II, currently taking place at the Questhaven Retreat Center in San Marcos, CA the first weekend of June.  (Depending upon enrollment, the retreat center may change to accommodate the increased number of students.)   The retreat fee, including housing and meals is still in development because of changes in the Questhaven retreat center fees.  A final list of all fees, including those needed for the licensing process will be sent to all Prac II students before class 1.  Family, guests, etc. can only be invited to retreat if space permits. Please check with your instructor before inviting someone. Guests will pay the same rate as students.

Licensing panels will take place as the group decides.

**Completion of Practitioner Studies I within the past three years is necessary to apply for Practitioner Studies II. 

***Students must complete the following requirements prior to admittance into the course:
1.) Complete the Online Practitioner Studies Course application.   Please submit the completed form to Misha Brigham, Online Education Program Coordinator. <Download HERE Prac Entrance Application 2016>
2.) Letter of Consent from Senior Minister or Regional Support Coordinator.  This is required for students who are currently affiliated with a center within 30 miles of residence.  Submit letter to Misha Brigham, Online Education Program Coordinator.  Please note, this only needs to be submitted once (unless you change locations or the nearby center gains a new Senior Minister, at which point we will require a new letter of consent.)
3.) Letter of Recommendation.  This letter should be from a previous instructor or Senior Minister.  A new letter should be submitted for each year of Practitioner Studies.  Submit letter to Misha Brigham, Online Education Program Coordinator.


Required Books for Term I in addition to Year I Books:
How to Use the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes – ISBN: 9780917849220
(page numbers in the workbook are for the 2005 and 2009 editions)
The Practitioner Code (to be provided online)
Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo, 2012

Required Books for Term II in Addition to Year I and Term I Books:
Relationship Wisdom by Jerilyn Thiel (available at or
Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth
The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price
Seeing Good at Work by Dr. Joyce Duffala and Dr. Edward Viljoen
The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines
Mind Over Medicine, Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself by Lissa Rankin, MD

No additional books for Term III

Please note: You are not completely registered until tuition is paid. Credit for this course is not issued until tuition has been paid in full.

If you belong to a CSL affiliated center or community within 30 miles of residence, you need to have a Letter of Consent on file. Please request that your Minister email permission to enroll in an online class to the Online Education Program Coordinator.

If you are not a member of a CSL church or community or live more than 30 miles away from the closest center, you do not need a Minister’s permission.