Rev. Robert Brzezinski

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I hold a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies and am a lifelong student of Transformational Leadership. My passion for the emerging Interspiritual Age, coupled with a thorough study of Integral theory serves me well in the creation of an authentic spiritual community.

I am also passionate about adult spiritual education and bring specific teaching skills to the virtual classroom. I find myself to be a dynamic spiritual leader, passionate firebrand speaker and teacher, as well as a personal coach and spiritual business consultant that continually finds ways to share the Science of Mind and Spirit in paradigm shifting ways.

My passions include growing up with my family, skiing, and mountain biking. I can be reached through my website or through

My central message is simple: You can have the life you truly desire and creating that life is a collaborative effort. No one can really go it alone, because we are all in this LOVE together.

Rev. Robert Brzezinski

Rev. Robert Brzezinski

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