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The philosophy of education in Centers for Spiritual Living is to present Science of Mind as an exciting, contemporary educational model through which learners fully experience the spiritual reality of their being.  This model recognizes that all aspects of life are spiritual, as the curriculum infuses the intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects of contemporary living.  The educational program of Centers for Spiritual Living offers people of all ages the opportunity to realize the Presence of God, to discover their inherent creative power, and to experience the Presence and Power in their daily lives.

Those who "stay the course" form an incredible bond, unified by their dedication to apply spiritual principles to the everyday problems of human life. This is a movement from theory to embodiment. As we study the Science of Mind, we awaken to the dawning of new insights upon our consciousness. Suddenly, the words Life, Principle, Reality, the Law of Mind, Pure Awareness, God and Spiritual Mind Treatment take on a new significance. There is an excitement in working and supporting students in using the Science of Mind and Spirit, to more effectively, promptly, and constructively move through obstacles and ultimately to manifest desired results.


Courses are offered through our member communities or online:

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Each of our classes is designed to support the spiritual student to more fully express themselves as individuals.  We not only carry forward the rich traditions of our past, but we also offer new ideas, new perspectives and ever-expanding methods of delivering ancient truth to the contemporary classroom.  Our intention is to communicate with modern language and provide teaching methods based upon the best practices for adult learning and consciousness development. 


A student may pursue Certificated Courses of Study either for personal growth or in preparation to become a Professional Practitioner or Minister in Centers for Spiritual Living.

The student enrolls in a Certificated Course at a member spiritual community (or online if there isn’t a member spiritual community near you). You start with foundational courses that introduce you to the Science of Mind teaching and how to apply it in your life. You continue to study courses that offer both spiritual practice and insight into meditation, spiritual visioning, and affirmative prayer. As you advance along the path, there are courses that explore different spiritual teachers and writers from across the ages, as well as contemporary writers and teachers. Centers for Spiritual Living offers a wide variety of courses that are sure to facilitate healing, opening, deepening, and greater understanding of your spiritual nature.

"Science of Mind principles are simple, and yet demand daily practice and application. When I was willing to do the work, that's when new and great manifestations started occurring in my life." C.F.

"Science of Mind saved my life. No kidding!. Through learning how to think I really did learn how to live a full rich life! " L.S.

"Classes keep me growing. When I am involved in classes I continually work my practices and learn more about myself, which reawakens within me my Divine greatness." C.L.

"I awoke to the inner dynamics of why I was experiencing such turmoil in my life!" M.T.

"Science of Mind classes were the door that opened me not only to the spiritual principles that govern my life, but to incredible bonding with my like-minded class members!" S.M.

"Seek and ye shall find. Well, classes gave me the permission to see with new eyes and to seek from within myself for the answers and the love I desired." M.S

"I wanted something to change and through classes I realized I needed to be the change I wanted to see." K.N.

School of Spiritual Leadership - Our Ministerial Training Program

The School of Spiritual Leadership is an outstanding program for the education and development of Spiritual Leaders. This includes Community Spiritual Leaders, Ministers, Chaplains, International Directors, and Focus Ministers. Components include regional campuses and classes, distance learning, mentoring, and for those with a bachelors degree the option of receiving a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute.  See the 2013-2014 Catalogued for full details.