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This information concerns the Certificate in Ministerial Education program for ministerial training courses through a Campus or Primary Teacher Center.

Please note: You also must apply for one of the Distance Education programs.

For students with a Bachelor’s degree, your choices of Distance Education programs are the Master’s in Consciousness Studies (18 courses) or the Certificate in Spiritual Education (10 courses) offered through the Holmes Institute (link to the Holmes Institute Subpage). For students with a high school diploma or its equivalent, your choices of Distance Education programs are the Certificate in Consciousness Studies (18 courses) or the Certificate in Spiritual Studies (10 courses) offered through the School of Spiritual Leadership.

SSL – Ministerial Training Decision Tree

Consult your Campus Dean or Primary Teacher and the Administrative Registrar for information and support.


  1. Contact the Campus Dean/Primary Teacher of the location through which you would like to do your ministerial training in order to discuss your interest in ministerial training and to receive information and support regarding your Distance Education program choices.
  1. Contact the Administrative Registrar to discuss your program, review the admission process and receive your application materials.
  1. Complete the background check process. Students must successfully complete a full background check. The base price is approximately $110 and will vary by government, state and county fees.
    The process is as follows:
    • Upon receipt of your application the Administrative Registrar will enter your name, email address and required background check into the Info Cubic system.
    • You will then be emailed a link from Info Cubic for access to the background check form. This link is valid for 48 hours only. You will be asked for personal identifying information.
    • A credit card will be needed to complete the process.
    • Centers for Spiritual Living will be provided a final copy of the completed background check for your file.
  1. Complete the application packet. Items to be completed and submitted include:
    • References/evaluations to be completed by your Senior Minister and others.
    • An autobiography* including the:
      1. Name of the Center for Spiritual Living where you are a current member, and the names of previous Centers you have attended.
      2. Center activities and programs in which you have participated.
      3. Information about your decision to become a Centers for Spiritual Living Minister.
      4. Description of how Science of Mind principles are demonstrated in your life.

        * You will also have autobiography requirements for your Distance Education application

  1. Complete the Enrollment Agreement.
  2. Submit a copy of a government-issued photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.).
  3. Submit a photocopy of your current Practitioner License.
  4. Prior to the admission deadline, submit all required information and documentation to the Administrative Registrar.
  5. Schedule an appointment with the Dean/Primary Teacher of your Campus of choice to review your application and program.

Note: The Regional Dean or Primary Teacher may request additional documentation. Barring other arrangements, all application materials should arrive at the office of the Administrative Registrar at least three weeks before the appointment with the Director, Dean, or Primary Teacher. No one is admitted to the ministerial education program before completing the entire application process. The mailing address is: 573 Park Point Drive, Golden, CO 80401.

The Dean or Primary Teacher and School of Spiritual Leadership Manager make the final decision of admission approval. This approval is subject to completion of all application requirements.



Fall Term: July 1

Winter Term: October 1

Spring Term: January 1

Summer Term: April 1

Additional information about our admissions process and our ministerial training programs are available in our catalogs.