Spiritual Development

What is Spiritual Development?

Spiritual Development is the process of unfolding the full human potential. It takes into consideration the many facets of the human being and has many benefits to offer. Spiritual Development is not only dependent upon the learning of knowledge, but it is also the facilitation of what we already know to be true and/or how to shift to a perspective that benefits all. Spiritual Development moves us from a place of victimhood to unity consciousness through the study of spiritual principles and practices. Courses also help shape and define our personal relationship with the Divine.

Centers for Spiritual Living offers courses for the beginner and advanced student of spirituality and New Thought. There are courses designed for personal and spiritual enlightenment as well as deepening one’s spiritual practice. Courses in CSL’s spiritual development may lead one to a professional track of study to become a CSL Licensed Spiritual Practitioner or Minister.

Courses are offered through a CSL Community or Online