Science of Mind Publishing started in 1927 with the inaugural publication of Science of Mind magazine. It has now grown to include the flagship monthly publication along with an online magazine, an e-newsletter and three book imprints with dozens of titles like The Science of Mind.

Science of Mind Publishing

The first of those imprints bears the same name — Science of Mind Publishing — and is where the works of Ernest Holmes, his brother Fenwicke, and their contemporaries are housed.

Spiritual Living Press

The second imprint, Spiritual Living Press, hosts writers with large followings within the Religious Science and broader communities.

Park Point Press/Self Publishing

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The constituency of Centers for Spiritual Living includes many authors and writers- from ministers to lay people—who are unable, for various reasons, to find traditional publishing outlets for their manuscripts. Although these manuscripts may not be cost- effective or marketable for traditional mainstream publishers, they would be beneficial to Science of Mind Publishing.  In addition to providing CSL with a revenue stream, the Park Point Press Program disseminates and extends the Science of Mind philosophy into the world. It forges a legacy of Science of Mind thought in print that will stretch into the future. This is evident by the lasting value of books, in whatever form they take—print or digital.

For Science of Mind authors, the Park Point Press Program offers publication of their original book titles, which otherwise might not be published. This benefits authors by having their titles available for speaking engagements, book signings, and as educa- tional tools in spiritual centers and classes. It also allows authors the prestige of being part of the CSL organization and the Science of Mind philosophy.

How Science of Mind Park Point Press Program Works

  1. Author pays Science of Mind Publishing a fee and supplies a complete, original manuscript
  2. Science of Mind Publishing reviews the work and accepts the manuscript
  3. Science of Mind Publishing provides a copy edit of manuscript and minimal marketing opportunities for the final title
  4. Science of Mind Publishing contracts with printer
  5. Book title is distributed by and available through Red Wheel Weiser, the exclusive distributor for Science of Mind Publishing. The Author receives number of free copies, a discount on bulk orders, royalties of sales, marketing benefits, and title availability through a national distribution house

Park Point Press Program Package

  1. One copy edit of manuscript, provided by Science of Mind Publishing This assures a quality standard for CSL. Additional editorial services would be the responsibility of the author. Science of Mind Publishing could provide a referral for a supplemental editorial services package (i.e., editing, proofreading, consultation); this could be contracted out and would be in addition to the program fee.
  2. Book design and production
        a. Cover—choice of two templates
        b. Interior—choice of two templates
        c. Two correction passes
        d. Print management
  3. Twenty-five free copies of the printed book
  4. Distribution through Red Wheel Weiser
    Author has the opportunity to inform various venues and clients that his or her book may be ordered through Red Wheel Weiser. Science of Mind Publishing receives a percentage of sales, and the author receives royalties (same contract as with all other Science of Mind Publishing titles).
  5. Royalties of titles sold through Red Wheel Weiser
  6. Author receives 6—7.5 percent royalty of cover price for every unit sold through Red Wheel Weiser
  7. Title advertised in group Park Point Press ad in Science of Mind magazine Science of Mind magazine will create a one-page, in-house ad for Park Point Press, to run quarterly. This ad would list the group of all titles under the Park Point Press imprint. It would not be redesigned each time; only the list of titles would be updated and kept current.
  8. Discounted price for advertising in Science of Mind magazine Should the author want to run an ad for the books in Science of Mind magazine (in addition to the group ad), they would qualify for a discount ad price. Authors would be responsible for supplying print-ready advertisement and for paying the discounted price.
  9. Book title featured in Red Wheel Weiser flyer
    Red Wheel Weiser offers Science of Mind Publishing the opportunity to market titles via flyers inserted in all of its outgoing fulfillment shipments. In this case, Science of Mind Publishing would print a one-sheet flyer for Park Point Press (for example, a photocopy of the Park Point Press ad that will run in Science of Mind magazine). This piece would be sent to Red Wheel Weiser, which will insert it into all orders it ships to retailers at no additional cost to the author
  10. Book displayed at CSL Headquarters
    CSL will provide a small area for the display of Park Point Press titles. This will be a source of pride for authors and a point of interest for those who visit the building.
  11. Book displayed in a Park Point Press display at CSL gatherings A display of Park Point Press titles at CSL events and gatherings will increase recog nition of the Park Point Press Program to constituents and be a source of pride for authors. Authors will also have opportunities for book signings and sales at CSL gatherings.
  12. One web page at
    Science of Mind Publishing will create a Park Point Press page on This will be a link under “SOM Books,” where users can find out about the Park Point Press Program along with information for potential authors about how to participate. Each Park Point title will receive a link to one page with an image of the book cover and purchase information. This will be an easily individualized template. Once the link is live, it offers advertisement for the title, a way to purchase the title, and the opportunity for the author to send potential customers to the site. This will increase site traffic to as well as generate online sales.

Benefits to Authors

Authors of Park Point Press titles will be able to present themselves as published authors with a prestigious, long-standing publishing house, Science of Mind Publishing.

When traveling for speaking engagements, authors can inform venues that their titles can be ordered from Red Wheel Weiser. Authors can purchase additional bulk units at a discount and resell for profit.  Authors also profit from royalties of sales through Red Wheel Weiser.

Most important, Park Point Press authors will have the distinction of being part of the legacy of Science of Mind writers that will last far into the future furthering the growth of the Science of Mind philosophy into the world.

In summary, the Park Point Press Program provides for win-win situations all around. Science of Mind Publishing receives revenue; authors’ works are published and are handily distributed; the Science of Mind philosophy is more widely disseminated, and the legacy of the Science of Mind philosophy in print is extended.

For more information, contact Kari Johnson, Publisher, Science of Mind Publishing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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