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Rev Martha Quintana, CSL Global Services Coordinator

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Rev Pattie Mercado, Chair

Rev Pattie MercadoRev. Pattie calls herself a “student of life,” and has spent nearly 30 years passing on this vivacity, interest and involvement to “kids.” The Youth Director and Assistant Minister at CSL Capistrano Valley, San Clemente, USA, Rev. Pattie has been instilling this spark in Youth. She, her spouse, and her now-adult offspring have been involved in the teachings (and livings) of CSL since 1986. Rev. Pattie completed licensure in 2011 and received Ordination in 2014. The vibrancy and commitment to the Youth of the planet brings a much-appreciated focus to the Global Services Core Team, and a deep desire to guide future generations into embracing the true universality of We Are One.


Rev. , RScP, MS, MCS – Vice-Chair of CSL Global Services Committee, Education, CSL Heart of Peace Collective Meditation

Rev. Guenter lives in Bucharest, Romania. He grew up in Southern Germany and has gained much international experience from over three decades of work as an economist, consultant, trade counselor, business correspondent and writer on four continents – in Europe, North Africa, South East Asia and North America. Guenter is a licensed CSL Minister and affiliated Associate Minister with the Center for Spiritual Living in Washington DC. Guenter graduated from Holmes Institute, Denver Region, in 2018. He loves The Science of Mind teaching and New Thought spirituality and philosophy, has a strong interest in philosophy, spiritual psychology, counseling, coaching, languages, photography and art. Email:


Rev Alex Escudero 

Rev. Alex EscuderoWith a Colombian mother and a United Statesian father, Rev. Alex Escudero grew up in both countries. With this diversity as part of her core, Rev. Alex naturally gravitated to working for the United Nations and served in Africa, Central and South America. A long-time resident of the Washington D.C. area, a Practitioner since 1999 before receiving Ministerial Licensure, Rev. Alex founded the Center for Spiritual Living DC, USA, is an officer with Center for Spiritual Living’s Diversity Commission, and does work with the Planning Committee for the annual New Thought Conference in Mexico. She is a well-traveled and welcome member of our Global Services Core Team.


Rev Beth Linguri

beth linguriRev Beth Linguri is the Spiritual Director of International Centre for Spiritual Living, an association located in Geneva, Switzerland. She founded the Center for Peace Geneva, a Teaching Chapter of CSL, in 2011 and this has now evolved into the current Centre. She founded the International New Though Conference, Spiritual Living Conscious Awakening held at the Chateau de Bossey, outside of Geneva in 2011, and has been supporting this event annually until August 2015, when it celebrated the 5th anniversary. The following statement from the Global Heart Vision inspired me to seek a career in ministry. We see a world in which fellowship with all life prospers and connects through the guidance of spiritual wisdom and experience. It is my intention to develop and grow a spiritual community for the international community in Geneva which is engaged in humanitarian work throughout the world. I know that this teaching transforms the hearts and minds of individuals and can grow the global heart to balance the global brain. There is a new world emerging in the consciousness of people all around the world and I intend to dedicate my life to living and teaching this truth. Beth is currently supporting the Global Services, “Waves of Peace Initiative“ which works through the power of prayer, to raise the consciousness of humanity to the principles of love, beauty, truth, joy and freedom, our divine birthright, with the intention that that all beings everywhere have access to that Truth and live in freedom and peace.


Beverly Jacobson-Schler, RScP

Beverly Jacobson SchlerIs a world traveling multi-media producer who has lived both internationally and throughout the United States.
She was first introduced to Religious Science in 1986 by studying with Raymond Charles Barker in NYC, and is currently serving as Practitioner at Mile Hi Church of Religious Science in Denver Colorado.

Beverly has many diverse global projects to her credit in the last several years, including co-producing an Australian-based radio program for young people – “Our Earth – Our Future”.

She developed a series of international webcasts entitled “A Revolution of Consciousness”, which were live-streamed out of the Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living. Beverly co-hosted the series with the Rev. Bernardo Monserrat. Some of the guests included the New York Times Best Selling Author, Gregg Braden, Wayne Mueller, and the Metta Center for Non-Violence in San Francisco.

Her Documentary shorts have taken her to Havana Cuba, and Villcabamba, Ecuador.

She has served as “Media Maven” for Lynn Twist’s Pachamama Alliance Initiative “Four Years’ Go”, and is a current contributor of media to Science of Mind Magazine.

Beverly’s vision is to contribute her talents and love of other cultures to Global Outreach and the Committee.


Rev Gerd Pontow

Rev. Gerd was born and raised in Germany; he obtained a BCom degree (Economics and Pedagogy) from the Free University in Berlin in 1969; he immigrated to South Africa in 1970.

Growing up in post-war Germany, he came across the idea of “Global Citizenship”, an idea of connection with all beings everywhere which intrigued him immensely and strongly influenced him to start his journey into spirituality. The spiritual journey was a long and winding road through many teachings, until he eventually came across Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind Teachings in 2001. He felt immediately “at home” in this teaching and enthusiastically started to study under the tutelage of Rev. Stephanie Clarke in Johannesburg/South Africa. He graduated as a Practitioner of Religious Science in 2005 and, soon afterwards, became the Spiritual Director of “Soul Home Teaching Centre for Spiritual Living” in Johannesburg. In 2016 Rev. Gerd qualified as a New Thought Minister after successfully completing his course in Consciousness Studies with the School of Spiritual Leadership of Centers for Spiritual Living/USA.

Rev Gerd is passionate about teaching SOM classes and has taught many accredited classes including Practitioner Training. He recently started to teach online classes.

He enjoys giving talks at Sunday Sacred Gatherings at Soul Home and other spiritual organizations. He also serves as a professional spiritual counselor.

Gerd considers himself to be an eternal student and always finds new spiritual teachings – mainly in the New Thought/Ancient Wisdom tradition which are worthwhile exploring and applying.


Geoffrey Smith; Practitioner of Religious Science, Ministerial Student.

I have been studying metaphysics for over 30 years, beginning at the Spiritualist Church of Brisbane, under Rev. Frank Bruce. I then followed the inspiration of Spirit which brought me to the philosophy of Science of Mind. I had the privilege to study under Rev. Richard Imprescia, in Austin Texas, where I obtained my Practitioner License. I am currently enrolled with Holmes Institute’s Florida Campus in the Degree in Consciousness Studies, with graduation expected in 2019. I am an Outreach Practitioner, residing in Sydney Australia.

My life has served me well, access to knowledge, has assisted with awakening to more deeper perceptions of universal principles, and timeless truth. My intention is to offer the same access for others, through education. Centers for Spiritual Living have become an extension of my family, a spiritual community of outstanding individuals who have been willing to share their time, talents and wisdom. I serve on the Centers for Spiritual Living Global Services Committee, with intentions to assist with growing New Thought Globally.

I partake in regular meditation sessions, having experience in facilitation of meditation circles both physically and virtually, conducting a Heart of Peace meditation each week live on Zoom. I am also passionate about nursing, primarily providing a loving, nurturing environment for those that require assistance. I have several nursing certificates, in Acute Care and Aged Care nursing, as well as a Mental Health First Aid-Certification. I hold a Bronze Medallion in Surf Life Saving and enjoy exercise, running and gym training.

I love to open to the inspiration of creativity, allowing artistic energy to flow through me, I have interests in interior design, graphic art and repurposing useful resources. I see steady forward momentum as the key to a successful journey.