Frequently Asked Questions


question mark1.) I am unsure of how many courses I have completed.  How can I request a transcript?
Students can request a transcript at any time by completing the contact us form and providing the following information:

Student's full name
Date of birth
Street address
Email address

Student's progress report will then be emailed to the student using the email address provided.

2.) I am trying to register for an online course, but when I visit the registration page, the option to register is not available.
Registration is only open for a specific period of time.  Generally this period ends 2 weeks after the course begins.  If registration has closed students will need to contact Misha Brigham, Online Education Program Coordinator, using the contact us form or calling home office to manually register.  Students will be charged a late fee for registrations after the registration period has closed.

3.) I want to register for an online course but the registration page does not list the option to utilize a payment plan.
Students who wish to utilize the payment plan option for payment of tuition need to manually set up payment plans with home office.  Please register through the registration page, select offline payment and then contact Misha Brigham, Online Education Program Coordinator, using the contact us form or by calling home office directly.  Details about payment plans are listed on the Payment Plan page under the Enroll tab.

4.) Can I receive a refund for a class if I choose not to complete it?
Refund information and details can be found on the Refund Policy page under the Enroll tab.

3.) Is there a time limit for courses being considered as prerequisites for entry into Practitioner Studies?
Students are required to complete all prerequisite courses within 5 years prior to beginning year one of Practitioner Studies.  Students may review a course to bring it into the 5 year time requirement.

4.) What are the requirements to enter into Practitioner Training?
Current prerequisites for entry into Practitioner studies can be found by clicking on the Prerequisites tab under “Become a Practitioner.”  Registration requirements for entry into Practitioner Training are listed on the Registration Requirements page under the Become a Practitioner tab.  Any questions about eligibility can be submitted to Misha Brigham, Online Education Program Coordinator.

5.) Can anyone take courses online through CSL Online Education?
In order to be eligible for entry into online courses students must either:

  • Live at least 30 miles from a center or not be a member of the nearby center.
  • Have written permission from the Senior Minister of your center (within 30 miles of residence) to enroll in courses online.  This permission needs to be submitted to Misha Brigham, Online Education Program Coordinator.


Technology Support

24 Hour Support Options for Zoom Video Conferencing

  • Support Videos: Visit zoom.us to view Popular Help Videos, One-Minute Introductions and search through an extensive library of support videos.
  • Live Chat with Zoom Support Staff: Visit zoom.us and select Contact Support and Live Chat to message with a live zoom support staff member who can walk you through any technical challenges.

Frequently accessed videos/support

Join a Test room

Joining a Zoom meeting

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Support Videos for Moodle

Basic Navigation in Moodle

Submiting Assignments in Moodle

Engaging in Moodle Forums

Please note these are general videos used by other educational institutes and are not personalized for use by CSL.  Therefore, the class pages may look different and navigation of these pages may be slightly different from what you see in the videos.