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Scheduling a session with one of our Licensed Spiritual Practitioners is easy!

Contact the Practitioner you would like to work with through the submission form on their personal profile page. Licensed Spiritual Practitioners operate as independent entrepreneurs, much like doctors, and therapists. They will return your inquiry as soon as they are able. When contacting a Practitioner please inform them of the best times, dates, and forms of communication you would prefer for your session.

All of our Practitioners are happy to answer any questions you may have about their services.

Angela Alcantar, RScP

Angela has a curiosity for life that drives her to constantly seek expansion, new perspectives, and new understanding. She firmly believes there is always a solution to any question or challenge and she uses her creativity and flexible thinking to explore possibilities. Her compassion and deep listening create a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore--uncovering their own Truth.

Angela is specifically interested in supporting individuals in exploring fear and pain in order to increase one's experience of joy and love. She is able to balance the practical human experience while simultaneously holding space of Spiritual Wholeness and Oneness.

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Dan Granda, RScP

With a mind for the creative and the intellect for the details, combined with an awareness of the great need for a shift in consciousness in the world, Dan Granda is an up-and-coming leader in the New Thought movement. Having worked extensively one-on-one and in large groups with young adults for over a decade, Dan is currently bringing his enthusiasm for growth to a wider audience.  Bringing his passion for life and the outdoors to all of his endeavors, inside and out, Dan is driven to inspire others to find their own path.

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living, Dan currently serves as Leadership Care Director and Operations Manager for the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey.  Dan has also served as the Chair of the Member Council for Centers for Spiritual Living, working to make the world a place that works for everyone.

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David LeMaster graduated from the Online Education Program as a Licensed Spiritual practitioner and currently has his Practitioner license held at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, where he serves as a distance Practitioner. David is also active in "PracWise", an online practitioner and student support organization, led by Rev. Nicole Merges in Golden, Colorado.

David is honored to meet with clients and students for prayer treatment, and maintains an online face-to-face practice with “Zoom,” a secure, private meeting space.

In addition, he has authored one book and is currently completing a second.

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Katie Rocks-Brigati, RScP

With a diverse Spiritual background Katie Rocks-Brigati has a passion for guiding others to find their own unique path to the Truth. Understanding the growing need for conscious connection in today’s world, Katie creates unique tools and programs to teach stress management and mindfulness to youth and adults alike.

Using the Science of Mind Principles and Practices as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living, Katie works with her clients to uncover and connect to their own Spiritual Magnificence. Having been described as a “Spiritual Cheerleader “ Katie’s vibrant , positive energy inspires her clients to grow with loving support.

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Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh


Due to Rev. Michelle’s interesting past, (that’s code for dysfunctional), filled with all sorts of growing opportunities, Michelle has developed a unique and very thorough Spiritual Mind Treatment inquiry called, Radical Release. It is pure treatment, but it is especially important for individuals with long term health challenges, deep relationship issues and for those who could benefit from practicing forgiveness.


Rev. Dr. Ogla Silva

Rev. Dr. Ogla Silva


Rev. Ogla lives in Vieques, Puerto Rico and works with Spanish Ministries and teaches online in English through the Online Education Program.

Rev. Ogla is currently studying to become certified as a life coach and is available for practitioner sessions in either Spanish or English.  She will work to always bring you back to the Truth in your life, and remind you of your True essence and your Oneness.

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Rev. Ruth Kirby



Rev. Ruth has been teaching Science of Mind classes for over 20 years and has been a CSL Practitioner for 21 years and a CSL Minister for 13 years.  Rev. Ruth is a Life Coach and incorporates Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) in her practice.  She uses this technique along with Science of Mind principles and goal achieving techniques to provide powerful processes for personal transformation.

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Rev. Sunday Cote

Rev. Sunday is an experienced and passionate facilitator of spiritual growth practices. She is a skilled Practitioner guiding her clients in discovering and uncovering the deep spiritual Truth that can transform and heal their lives. She has advanced training in mindfulness, positive psychology, and shadow work as well as professional training in Positive Neuroplasticity. She serves as a facilitator for the Centers for Spiritual Living Online Education Program, teaching continuing education to Ministers and Practitioners and teaching the Professional Practitioner Training Program.

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