Practitioner Services

Scheduling a session with one of our licensed Spiritual Practitioners is easy.

Simply contact the practitioner you would like to work with through the submission form on the personal profile page. Licensed Spiritual Practitioner operates as independent entrepreneurs, much like doctors, and therapists. They will return your inquiry as soon as they are able. When contacting a Practitioner please inform them of the best times, dates, and forms of communication you would prefer for your session.

All of our Practitioners are happy to answer any questions you may have about their services.

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

Rev. Michelle Wadleigh

Due to Rev. Michelle’s interesting past, (that’s code for dysfunctional), filled with all sorts of growing opportunities, Michelle has developed a unique and very thorough Spiritual Mind Treatment inquiry called, Radical Release. It is pure treatment, but it is especially important for individuals with long term health challenges, deep relationship issues and for those who could benefit from practicing forgiveness.


Rev. Dr. Ogla Silva

Rev. Dr. Ogla Silva

Rev. Ogla lives in Vieques, Puerto Rico and works with Spanish Ministries and teaches online in English through the Online Education Program.

Rev. Ogla is currently studying to become certified as a life coach and is available for practitioner sessions in either Spanish or English.  She will work to always bring you back to the Truth in your life, and remind you of your True essence and your Oneness.

Contact and Learn more about Rev. Ogla Silva on her profile page. 


Rev. Ruth Kirby

Rev. Ruth has been teaching Science of Mind classes for over 20 years and has been a CSL Practitioner for 21 years and a CSL Minister for 13 years.  Rev. Ruth is a Life Coach and incorporates Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) in her practice.  She uses this technique along with Science of Mind principles and goal achieving techniques to provide powerful processes for personal transformation.


Contact and Learn more about Rev. Ruth Kirby on her profile page.