Mind-Body Connection


body blueMind-Body Connection continues to be the foundation of Science of Mind thinking and practices. This transformational course pulls powerful writings from The Science of Mind text, on the relationship between Mind and the well-being of the body (and body of affairs) and includes current thought from new science and other bodies of work. Materials from The Institude of HeartMath, and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s, The Biology of Belief are provided. This course integrates the leading concepts of the “heart-mind” to inform and guide the healing process.

As we explore mind-body relationships, we follow the tradition of thousands of years of thinkers that have pondered this profound connection: from the ancient Greeks, early Chinese dynasties, indigenous tribes, Buddha, Jesus, mystical Jewish scholars, and Hindu and Muslim cultures.

The Mind-Body Connection is one of the most practical understandings we can have – it enables us to live more effectively with a higher sense of well-being and confidence. It empowers us to create a lifestyle we want for ourselves, and to have a working relationship with our divinity.

**Foundations of Science of Mind is a suggested prerequisite for this class, but is not required.


Textbook: The Science of Mind
ISBN: 9781585428427

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