Professional Practitioner Studies Year I

magic bookPractitioner Studies Year I is a 30 week course broken into 3 terms of 10 weeks each.  Students are required to attend an in-person retreat at the end of Professional Practitioner Studies, Year I and Year II.

**Students must complete all prerequisite courses before entering Practitioner Studies.

For information on how to register, please see the Registration Requirements page.





Required textbooks for Practitioner I* 

*Textbook requirements may vary based on instructor and year of entry.  Please check with your instructor prior to purchasing textbooks.

The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes - ISBN: 9781585428427
* Students may also choose to purchase this book on a tablet reader.  This option allows for term search which may assist in completing assignments.

Living The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes - ISBN: 9780875166278

Concordance to The Science Mind - ISBN: 9780972718479

Practicing the Presence, Joel Goldsmith - ISBN: 9780062503992

Care Of The Soul, Thomas Moore - ISBN: 9780060922245

The Principles of Healing, H.B. Jeffery

Effective Prayer, Ernest Holmes - ISBN: 9781415865422

This Thing Called You, Ernest Holmes - ISBN: 9781585422661

Elegant Choices, Marsha Sinetar - ISBN: 9780809130108

Please note: All students are required to have an Affiliation Agreement on file to attend Practitioner Training through the Online Program.  Please see the registration requirements page for details.

As a reminder, you are not completely registered until tuition is paid. Credit for this course is not issued until tuition has been paid in full.