Prosperity Plus


Prosperity Plus is a dynamic 10 week program that teaches a new way of living centered on the spiritual practices of an abundant life! The curriculum, created by Mary Morrissey, teaches how to move from fear, scarcity and limited thinking to a life full of possibility, prosperity and promise.  Through the study and application of these prosperity teachings, you have the opportunity to create the quantum shift necessary to open doors to new levels of abundance in all areas of your life!


Please note: Students who are enrolled in this course are to tithe to Centers for Spiritual Living Home Office during the 10 weeks of the course.  Therefore, at the time of enrollment, students pay only for registration and technology fees, in lieu of tuition.*

If you are an active member of a CSL affiliated community within 30 miles of residence, you need to have a Letter of Consent on file.  Please request that your Minister complete this form and email to the Online Education Program Coordinator.

If you are not an active member of a CSL community or live more than 30 miles away from the nearest community, you do not need to submit a letter of consent.

 *Students pay $30 at the time of registration for registration and technology fees.  Once registered, students must purchase course materials through LifeSoulutions.  You will receive a link to purchase the course materials after CSL Home Office has processed your registration.  Please note this may take 1-2 business days to complete.  CSL Home Office & course instructor cannot provide students with access to course materials. These must be purchased through LifeSoulutions prior to the start of the course.