Centers for Spiritual Living Online Education Teacher Training

Centers for Spiritual Living is now offering a comprehensive Online Education Teacher Training! Learn how to provide effective education in a virtual setting while creating an engaging and interactive online community.  This course focuses on online education skills, theory, course delivery and classroom technology.  Students taking this course will be able to apply online education skills, theories, and techniques to engage their students and facilitate successful online courses.


The Online Education Teacher Training: Skills, Abilities and Knowledge course is offered over 4 weeks, meeting for 2.5 hours - one day per week.  We will be offering this course throughout 2018 with an expanded schedule and additional instructors.

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There are currently no new sessions scheduled for this program.
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We will be developing additional trainings on a variety of Online Education topics in the future. 


Questions about the Online Education Teacher Training or how to register?  Complete the contact form below to be connected with the Online Education Coordinator.