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Required Letter(s) of Consent

1.) Letter of Consent

Please note that students who are currently affiliated with a center within 30 miles of residence who wish to attend prerequisite certificated courses online through the Online Education Program must have a Letter of Consent from the Senior Minister or Regional Support Coordinator of their center.  Submit letter to Misha Brigham, Online Education Program Coordinator.  Please note, this only needs to be submitted once for prerequisite classes (unless you change locations or the nearby center gains a new Senior Minister, at which point we will require a new letter of consent.)  This requirement is waived for students who are not affiliated with or do not reside within 30 miles of a center.

Click here for a Letter of Consent template to send to your Senior Minister.

2.) Letter of Consent for Online Practitioner Program

All students who are members of a Centers for Spiritual Living Community are required to have a Letter of Consent on file from their Senior Minister to attend Practitioner Training through the Online Program.  Please note that this consent differs from the consent to complete all other certificated courses through the Online Program.

Click here for a Letter of Consent for Online Practitioner Program Template to send to your Senior Minister.

To register for CSL Online Certificated Courses:

1.) Begin by clicking the “Register” button.*
2.) Enter Name and email address.
3.) Select the course you wish to register for.
4.) Proceed with payment information.
5.) You will be sent a confirmation email after successful registration.  Please keep this for your records.  You will also receive a follow up email with information for access to course materials.

*Preferred web browsers for registration include Internet Explorer version 11 or newer, Chrome or Firefox.

To register for CSL Online Practitioner Training

Students are required to complete additional steps prior to registering for Practitioner Training.  Please Click here for more information.

If you wish to pay utilizing the payment plan option, you will need to contact home office directly.  Please note all payment plans include a non-refundable payment plan fee.

Do you live outside of the United States?  Contact us as you may qualify for a discount on tuition!

Looking to withdraw from an Online Course?  See the Refund Policy page.

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