Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson


Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson, Southern California, Distance Education Dean

Rev. Dr. Christina TillotsonI am very honored to have been a Religious Science Practitioner since 1987. I completed four years of Ministerial Education at the Holmes Institute and my Doctorate in Divinity during the summer of 2003. My ministries are as the Distance Education Dean for Centers for Spiritual Living and for our accredited Master’s program in consciousness studies that educates our Ministers and is now available to the general public the Holmes Institute. I also serve very part-time at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, CA.

I began on a personal growth path in 1980 and I found Religious Science while I was living in Napa, CA in 1982. The minute I walked into the church I knew I was home. Now as a minister, I can be home full time!!

With my wonderful husband, John Schill, PhD, whom I met at the United Church of Religious Science summer retreat at Asilomar in 1986, I moved from California to the Washington, DC area in 1993 because of his work as a program manager for DARPA, the Defense Department organization that created the Internet years ago, Oct 18, 1969 to be exact. There, I was an Internet trainer and consultant and became very excited about the possibilities of presenting Science of Mind over the Internet. (Before that, I had spent many years in teaching, school administration, business training, and managing 13 states as a training manager for an educational software company.) I was the only Practitioner listed in Science of Mind Magazine in Virginia and had people all over the East and Midwest calling and begging for classes. I pushed for and created these accredited on-line classes out of that need and created and taught the first on-line Foundations of Science of Mind class in May of 1998.

We moved back home to California in July, 1997. In October, John was diagnosed with cancer. He left the planet 33 days later, November 9, 1997. I received that call to Ministry very strongly that night. That experience was a test his and my faith. I miss him a lot, and I know he is having a great time in his next experience. I am very grateful to Religious Science for getting me through that trying time and for my wonderful life now.

I know that John is THRILLED from the other side that the technology about which he was so passionate has, as of May, 2016 allowed students in 30  countries and over 42 states to take certificated Science of Mind classes.  As of May 2016, there are 89 Practitioners who have been licensed from the on-line classes in English and Spanish  in 9 countries including Egypt, Spain,  Switzerland, and Mexico. Thanks to a wonderful, expert team of on-line facilitators, we now have certificated classes all the way from Foundations of Science of Mind through  Professional Practitioner Studies available to students all over the world in English and Spanish, with more certificated and non-certificated  classes and more languages to come soon.

Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson

Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson

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