Geoffrey Smith, RScP

I have been studying metaphysics for over 20 years, beginning at the Spiritualist Church of Brisbane, under Rev. Frank Bruce. I then followed the inspiration of Spirit which brought me to the philosophy of Science of Mind. I had the privilege to study under Rev. Richard Imprescia and Rev. Merry Shaver, in Austin Texas, where I obtained my Practitioner License.  I am currently enrolled in Holmes Institute, attending  the Florida Campus in the Degree in Consciousness Studies, with graduation expected in 2019.  I am an Outreach Practitioner, residing in Sydney, Australia. 

My life has served me well,  access to knowledge, has assisted with awakening to a deeper awareness of universal principles, and timeless truth. My intention is to offer the same access for others through education. Centers for Spiritual Living has become an extension of my family, a spiritual community of outstanding individuals who have been willing to share their time, talents and wisdom. I serve on the CSL Global Services Committee, with intentions to assist with growing CSL, New Thought Globally. 

I partake in regular meditation sessions, having experience in facilitation of meditation circles both physically and virtually .  I am an initiate of the Kriya Yoga teaching, a mediation technique and way of living, brought to the West through Paramahansa Yogananda . I am also passionate about nursing, primarily providing a loving, nurturing environment for those that require assistance.  I have several nursing certificates, in Acute Care and Aged Care Nursing, as well as a Mental Health First Aid-Certification. I hold a Bronze Medallion in Surf Life Saving and enjoy exercise, running and gym training. 

I love to open to the inspiration of creativity, allowing artistic energy to flow through me. I have interests in interior design, graphic art and re-purposing useful resources.  

I see steady forward momentum as the key to a successful journey, joining together in the Oneness of unlimited potentiality.

Geoffrey Smith

Geoffrey Smith, RScP

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