Rev. Marie Kirkland

Rev. Marie is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Living Aligned Virtual Ministry. Her community brings people together to experience the power of alignment through practical spirituality, inviting each person to live intentionally, deepen relationships, and live aligned and forward while doing their meaningful work in the world.

Through her practice of living with an open heart, she inspires sacred conversations that lead to self-discovery, facilitates classes that evoke curiosity, and empowers individuals to navigate life’s intersections in alignment. As the host of the podcast, Living Aligned Living Forward, Rev. Marie interviews spiritual leaders who share stories, practices, and lessons that have propelled them forward. Rev. Marie’s sacred service extends outside of her virtual community where she currently serves on several Centers for Spiritual Living committees.

Her ministry is the beneficiary of her applied education in the areas of spirituality, business, psychology, and communication. Rev. Marie is a graduate of Holmes Institute, the School of Spiritual Leadership, and the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Psychology with a specialization in spiritual psychology.  She is a contributing author in the Amazon Bestselling book Speaking Your Truth, Volume II. Her book, Doing Less to Become More, is forthcoming. 

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