Dan Granda, RScP

With a mind for the creative and the intellect for the details, combined with an awareness of the great need for a shift in consciousness in the world, Dan Granda is an up-an-coming leader in the New Thought movement. Having worked extensively one-on-one and in large groups with young adults for over a decade, Dan is currently bringing his enthusiasm for growth to a wider audience.

Bringing his passion for life and the outdoors to all of his endeavors, inside and out, Dan is driven to inspire others to find their own path.

As a graduate of the Keller-Williams ONE THING, MAPS Training Program, Dan has taken this philosophy to heart with a much deeper spiritual twist. Dan is the co-curator of the course Extraordinary Results based on the book The ONE THING.

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living, Dan has been accepted into the Holmes Institute’s School of Spiritual Leadership where he will complete his ministerial training. Locally, Dan serves on the Board of Trustees for Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey, where he was the youngest Board President to date and was met with great success. On the international level, Dan has served as the Chair of the Member Council for Centers for Spiritual Living working to make the world a place that works for everyone.

Dan is currently serving as a Teaching Assistant for Practitioner Training Year I through the Online Education Program.

Dan Granda, RScP

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