Life Circle: Prison Facilitator Program

Facilitated by: Rev. Dr. Andrea Travers

Cost: $595

Prison Life Circles are a manifestation of the Centers for Spiritual Living’s mission to provide ministry inside the prisons and correctional institutions in this country, which is part of its broader goal to create a world that works for everyone.

The CSL Prison Life Circle curriculum provides understanding of the prison systems and culture for the facilitators, and spiritual principles and practices of the Science of Mind to the men and women behind the walls. This six-week Circle experience will assist participants in cultivating a spiritual life creating more meaningful relationships both inside and outside the prison walls.

The training prepares you to lead 24 sessions of the Prison Life Circles curriculum by introducing you to the easy-to-use facilitation manual. This training will prepare you to facilitate Circles in a variety of institutions in the current criminal justice system. Gain an understanding of the causative factors of those those who are incarcerated in today’s prisons and jails, and an understanding of the challenges and personal knowledge and skills required to work in today’s criminal justice system.

The training is intended for CSL Ministers, Practitioners and congregants who have some related life and/or work experience.

Class Schedule: 

You may apply at any time. Check back for future offerings of this program.


An application will be required: Prison Circle Facilitator Program Application

Meet the Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Andrea Travers

Rev. Dr. Andrea Travers has been involved in Religious Science for 22 years serving in Board leadership choir and other community roles. As an ordained Interfaith Minister the focus of her ministry has been developing and implementing programs in prisons, jails, and correctional and treatment centers. She authored a Restorative Justice Reentry program for San Diego County jails and recently started COSA (Circles of Support and Accountability) with the San Diego Public Defenders’ office.

Student Testimonial

A wonderful course taught with insight, care and sensitivity and applicable to not only prison circle facilitation and restorative justice, but trauma work in general – an enrichment for anyone who wants to better understand and help heal the effects of the inequities and injustices in today’s world.

Carla Kohli, RScP