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Professional Development Facilitator Spotlight

Scott “Q” Marcus, RScP

Scott “Q” Marcus is teaching the upcoming class “Hacking Your Habits” beginning January 10, 2023.

Scott “Q” Marcus is a practitioner, author, professional speaker and facilitator, and has been a weight loss coach for almost four decades. During that time, he has guided thousands of people to understand how they can change their habits so they can be happier and healthier. His playful, humorous, and inspirational presentations deal with the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that lead to painful, unhealthy behaviors, and provide easy-to-use tools to get past those barriers. He is an Award-winning Professional Speaker (former president of the Northern CA chapter of the National Speaker’s Association) a trained weight loss coach, and has been a syndicated columnist for 17 years. He worked for a major international weight loss company as an award-winning leader, lecturer, coach for 34 years.

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Student Testimonials


CSL Professional Development

Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson has held my interest with ASL Skill building by his wit, humor and professionalism. I always appreciate when our center features Rev. Raymont, singing with his skilled hands, signing beautifully as the music plays. I enjoyed this series immensely and look forward to signing up for the 2022 ASL series.

This was a great class for those of us that had some basic Spanish and wanted to work on our metaphysical vocabulary. It was also a great way to meet others interested in doing more with this teaching in Spanish. I was surprised at how much I remembered!

I’m extremely pleased with the SOM Spanish class I took with Dr. Pellarolo. She had very helpful handouts illustrating  how to use SOM vernacular in Spanish and I am now confident that I can give treatments in Spanish! Woohoo! I’d love to take it again, just to practice combining my treatment and Spanish skills!

Greg Gardner, RScP, Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Spanish Class for SOM Practitioners was exactly what I was looking for to support my Spanish SOM vocabulary development.  Dr. Sirena provided a safe environment to practice our Spanish at ALL different levels.  There was a well thought out balance between Spanish grammar practice and putting to use my Spanish in writing Spiritual of Mind treatments.  I look forward to taking another class and continuing my Spanish language development as it pertains to my Practitioner practice.

Teresa Valenzuela, RScP

I took the Podcast 101 class last year. I am now a couple of weeks away from my one year anniversary of starting my podcast. I have done 28 episodes and I have over 2100 downloads in 17 countries. Lezli was great. She systematically started us with the key elements of a podcast. She required homework to get us in the mode of podcasting. She was fun and knowledgeable. It was a joy to be in the podcasting 101 class with Lezli Goodwin. Thank you. Peace, Love and Blessings.  Author / Podcast or look for Mystic Magic on Spotify.

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