Expanding Your Audience with Instagram: November 2021

Expanding Your Audience
with Instagram

with Rev. Lezli Goodwin

November 2021

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Getting Good with Google: February 2022

Getting Good with Google

with Anthony Prichard

February 2022

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YouTube & Beyond: May 2022

and Beyond

with Julia A. Bennett

May 2022

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About the Advance and Thrive Technology Series

As we move forward in this modern world, it has become abundantly clear that technology has revolutionized the way we conduct business. As we continue to work towards our goal of, “Creating a World That Works for Everyone,” we must evolve and move forward in the 21st century.

Building upon and increasing your knowledge base about the different avenues of technology has the potential to increase the number of people who will benefit from the Science of Mind teachings. In the Advance and Thrive Technology series, we will host interactive workshops to increase versatility and widespread usage of technology to entice members to engage with Communities and encourage newcomers to learn about SOM philosophies.