Demonstrations and Answered Prayer

This page is for you. Prayer is one of the greatest tools that we posses on the earth. It is a simple truth that prayer works. If you or anyone you know has a testimonial or would like to share your experience of how prayer has worked in your life, we would like to hear from you. Please send your stories of answered prayer to


“After six months of being unemployed, through prayer and faith, I found the perfect job.” Jane J. – Calif.

“Through the power of affirmative prayer, my grandson was born without any complications whatsoever. The Dr’s. were amazed.” Robert O. – North Dakota

“Prayer completely restored my health.” Charles S. – New York

“I had taken a serious fall and fractured my elbow which called for surgery in two weeks. Well, after taking the situation to prayer every day for a week, the Dr. called me in to do final x-rays before the surgery. To his amazement, the bone had healed itself. He mentioned that in all his years he had never seen anything like it before. Yes, prayer works.” George B. – Florida

“I am amazed at how my life has changed through prayer.” Celeste A. – Los Angeles