Member Communities


…are Member Communities led by licensed Ministers and are able to offer a full range of spiritual services to include Sunday meetings, teaching classes and workshop offerings.

Teaching Chapters

…are led by either a licensed Minister or a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and hold weekly gatherings during the week, unless they are outside the US/Canada and may also hold meetings on Sundays. The focus is on the Science of Mind teaching. Classes and workshops are offered; community is built, and as the chapter grows in numbers, they may change their status to a Center/Centre.

Focus Ministries

…are member entities, led by a licensed Minister, with a specific focus designed to bring the Science of Mind teaching to the world in a manner beyond traditional communities.

Non Member Entities

(note: non member groups can petition to become Member Entities)

Study Groups

…are established by individuals who have been approved by Centers for Spiritual Living and have some training, knowledge of Science of Mind and are eager to share their knowledge with others. Study groups meet together to read, discuss and learn in a group setting. Study Groups outside the US/Canada may be approved to hold services and teach certificated classes.

Spiritual Living Circles

…a simple concept! You invite a small circle of friends to come together to discuss the ideas on living a spiritual life as described within the pages of Science of Mind magazine. We provide you ongoing free materials via email to support your conversations! For more information, please visit here.

Please note: As Centers for Spiritual Living continues to bring the Science of Mind to the world, there may be new types of communities that emerge in the future to expand the teachings throughout the world.