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The Global Services Committee, comprised of members from all over the world, is dedicated to carrying the message of Centers for Spiritual Living and Science of Mind to our international communities. In addition to meeting monthly and providing grants for the expansion of our CSL work in the world, we have fun supporting the people in countries outside the United States and Canada. Please click on the links below if you would like to volunteer, apply for membership on our Global Services Committee, and/or apply for a grant. Welcome to Global Services!

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Greg Coyle, RScP
Greg Coyle, RScPNorway, Committee Chair
Greg started his spiritual journey early in life, inspired by his parents’ devotion, faith, and integrity. Greg has been a licensed Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living since 2005, and has been living in Oslo, Norway since 2004. He offers private coaching sessions, lectures, and individual and group meditations, and courses. He contributes regularly to the Global Heart of Peace Meditation service, and has been writing monthly treatments for the Practitioner listserv since 2017. Greg currently serves as Chairman of the CSL Global Services Committee, and has been a member of the Committee since 2020. He is also a yogi, and has been teaching hatha style yoga since 2001. Greg brings “Spirit, Joy, and Love” into his practice and teachings.
Rev. Trish (Therisia) Hall
Rev. Trish (Therisia) Hall United States, Vice Chair
Rev Trish Hall, Vice Chair of the Global Services, the visionary founder and Spiritual Leader of Center for Spiritual Living Metro, is an insightful speaker and author. An outstanding educator, facilitator, and dedicated student of world philosophies, Trish combines her innate talent for recognizing commonalities with her powerful skills as a listener to enhance communication among diverse populations. Blending authenticity, humor and compassion with respect for the dignity of life, Trish thrives on awakening the magnificence within all. An acclaimed coach, consultant and mediator, she founded Way2Peace, dedicated to inclusivity, and The Training Source, internationally renowned specialists in interpersonal and organizational communication that has served non-profit and for-profit companies and government agencies developing and delivering curricula.
Bonnie Gonzalez
Bonnie Gonzalez Ireland, Secretary
Bonnie Gonzalez, RN, RScP. Region 12. Drogheda, Ireland is her home base. Bonnie is a Registered nurse, Religious Science Practitioner, Professional Life coach, Licensed SoulCollage® Facilitator and a Doula for Grief. Bonnie currently has a weekly program on New Thought Media Network entitled: “Your Doula for Grief”. Demystifying grief. Bringing grief out of shadows of life. Illuminating if’s gifts and state of Grace. Bonnie was born in South Caroline and moved to Washington D.C. at the age of ten. Then on to the San Francisco Bay Area from 1989 till 2020. Bonnie and her husband Tito relocated to Drogheda Ireland in 2020. Which is her home base as she and Tito explore and experience lifestyles and cultures of other countries. They are enjoying being true Global citizens!
Susy Belalunde, RScP
Susy Belalunde, RScPPeru
Born and live in Lima, Perú. Member of the CSL Merida. Social Communicator. Acupuncturist from the Neijin School, Dzogchen Practitioner, and Master of NLP. RScP since 2013 now studies to became a Minister of SOM. Susy wants to help raise global awareness through the spread of Truth, universal principles, love of self and all sentient beings. So that there is a happy world, full in well-being.
Rev. Erica Brown
Rev. Erica BrownUnited Kingdom
First introduced to Science of Mind in 1975 when it was instrumental in overcoming a supposedly terminal diagnosis, Erica became a practitioner via Religious Science International (RSI) and gained her first teaching license in 1992; becoming a minister of Divine Metaphysics in 1997 and completing RSI ministerial training in 1998, Erica became an affiliate minister of CSL in 2013. Erica led a teaching centre in Leicester, East-Midlands of the UK from 1992 before moving, with the new CSL-Christchurch South Coast UK teaching centre imminently about to be officially launched. Part of Erica’s training covers coaching / counseling with psycho- and hypno-therapy; she is well-versed in. Range of personal development topics and mental health issues. Her love of people, and thirst for sharing awareness and knowledge how to broaden approached for a more prosperous life for all, fuel her passion for writing that are expected to see publication in the coming year.
Rev. Sunday Coté
Rev. Sunday Coté United States
Rev. Sunday Coté is an experienced and passionate facilitator of spiritual growth practices based on Universal Principles. A graduate of Ernest Holmes College, (now Holmes Institute’s School of Spiritual Leadership) she is an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living and is the founding minister and spiritual director of the Center for Spiritual Living in Leesburg, VA. In 2018, she celebrated 25 years in ministry. She has advanced training in mindfulness, spiritual counseling, and positive psychology. She has completed professional training in positive neuroplasticity with Dr. Rick Hanson, is a certified Q Process Shadow Work Coach. and a certified Level 2 Unified Mindfulness Coach. On the international level, she serves as a teacher for the Centers for Spiritual Living On-Line Education program, teaching continuing education to ministers and practitioners and teaching the Professional Practitioner Training Program. She was elected to the Minister’s Council for Centers for Spiritual Living in 2018.
Rev. Johanna Janssen Netherlands
Ayodele McClenney, RScP United States, Leadership Council Liaison
Blanca Mejia, RScP
Blanca Mejia, RScPMexico
Linda Orr-Easo
Linda Orr-Easo Switzerland & France
Linda’s mission is to help others live the lives they choose. Having worked around the world for two large international organizations, she values and respects the uniqueness that each person brings to the Whole. She is the President of CSL Geneva, Switzerland, a small, dynamic center.
Robyn Rice Olmstead, RScP United States, Practitioner Council Liaison
Katie Rocks-Brigati, RScPUnited States
Rev. Barbara SamuelsCanada & Kenya
Rev. Gwen SmithCanada & Kenya
Laura Topper, RScP
Laura Topper, RScPUnited Kingdom
Laura is based in the UK, and holds her Practitioner license with the virtual ministry New Thought Media Network. Set to complete her Ministerial education in 2022, Laura is devoted to inspiring the global reach of Science of Mind. Laura is excited to have received the 2022 CSL Global Services Award.

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