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Global Services truly takes its name to heart. In order to provide services globally, there is an on-going collection of information regarding Events and Conferences for you to attend. Connect with like-minded people around the world, share wisdom, discover insights and be inspired beyond your grandest expectations at Conferences Worldwide.

Find Events that celebrate the Love and the Spirit and the Beauty that surrounds us all – if we but take the time to look, to explore, to appreciate.

Discover what may be in your area – or in fascinating locations around our planet.

Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

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We at Global Services do our utmost to support the International Communities of Centers for Spiritual Living. Listing International Events and/or Conferences on these webpages is always a joy, as it is a further out-picturing of the universality of the messages of Science of Mind and Spirit and the connectivity of a world that works for everyone!

With this in mind, there are still certain requirements that need be met in order for an international event or conference to be listed. All Centers for Spiritual Living international groups* are invited to list their event/conference. Please fill out the Request Form to have your event/conference be considered.

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*International Groups include: Centers, Teaching Chapters, Focus Ministries, Study Groups, Spiritual Living Circles. Click here for descriptions of international groups.

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