Our CSL community in Costa Rica, El Puente del Caribe Study Group, is run by husband and wife team Barry and Nanci Stevens.  Here are parts of an update from Barry along with some great pictures!….

“I thought I’d send you several shots of the paintings on the walls of the room where our Study Group meets here in Costa Rica….”

“We’re also working on a draft of a book from Nanci’s work – titled “Life On The Bridge” – about what’s going on down here. ….- it’s come a long way. Still a draft, but getting pretty close to done in working with a publisher.”

“And getting this book into the hands of many CSL members could have the effect of planting some seeds for new projects. I may have already told you this, but just in case – we’ve already had interest from Kenya, Peru, and the Czech Republic…  “

“Our phone line is being moved – we have moved the Study Group and our home to a place literally “around the corner”. from the main home for El Puente. The new land line number of 011-506-2750-3236 does work, and can be used for phone calls to El Puente. We will  post a notice here when the 866 toll-free access number is restored.!” 

It’s a cushy seating area in the living room. We had four surprise visitors from countries in Europe, here for several weeks to Volunteer at El Puente. The two ladies with their backs to the camera are Aline and Deborah, from Switzerland. Nanci is sitting next to Dave Knight. John Obirek (white shirt) is finding topics of mutual interest. The couple at the right are Victor Martinez, from Spain, and Sindy Gallegos, from Colombia. It’s like the United Nations around here.

On the subsequent Wednesday (Thanksgiving turkey and all) we gratefully celebrated with people from Germany, Colombia, Barcelona, the US, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Islands. What a diverse and rich life we live. We have much to be thankful for.

Thanks to Barry and Nanci for bringing Science of Mind to Costa Rica and for the report and the great pictures!