Starting your own Spiritual Living Circle begins with asking your friends to get together! Chose a location that is convenient and works for your group members. Use this first meeting as an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and discuss what the Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine means to them. Open the discussion up for questions and comments and consider the possibility of meeting on a regular basis. If you and your group members decide to meet consistently, it may be helpful to answer the following questions:

  1. Where are we going to meet? Choose a location that is convenient for all group members and allows for open communication. Zoom or Video conferencing technology is a practical option.
  2. How often will we meet? Home Office emails the discussion guides on the 30th of every month. The guides highlight four feature articles from the magazine for you to discuss in any order.
  3. Who will facilitate the discussion? It may be helpful to designate a host for the group to help lead discussions. This position could be given to one person or rotated among members. Allow your group to change and adapt to the needs of its members.
  4. Will you add additional time for social interaction? Discuss the importance of social interaction with group members.
  5. How big do we want our group to be? Determine the size of your group and decide if you will be open or closed to new members.

First time magazine subscribers: Spiritual Living Circle Participant or Host can sign up for a complimentary 6-month digital trial of The Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine!

Having your magazine available during a Circle may enhance the experience.


Thank you for your interest in starting a Spiritual Living Circle! The purpose of this program is to provide spiritual content for meaningful conversation and rich connection in small groups.

To begin a Spiritual Living Circle:

  1. Host completes roster here. Note: please have all participant contact information ready.
  2. Once you submit the roster, you and your participants will receive a Welcome Email with a link to a 6-month digital trial of The Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine. *New subscribers only.
  3. Host and Participants will begin to receive the monthly discussion guide on the 30th of every month to the emails provided.
  4. Begin your Spiritual Living Circle.

Questions: Email Maria Garcia at

We wish you great success on your journey of awakening!