After I register as Host or Participant of a Spiritual Living Circle with Home Office, will I have access to the digital version of the Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind Magazine?

Yes, you will receive a link to sign up for a 6 months free digital trial to the Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine. You will be able to access within 24 hrs.

Do you require a specific group size before allowing a new group to register with Home Office?

We do not, your group can be as large or as small as you would like.

Will you post information about our Spiritual Living Circle on your website?

Only if you desire to be an open Circle and would like to welcome new participants at any time.

I already have a subscription to the Science of Mind magazine. Will you add 6 months free to my subscription?

The free 6-months subscription is for new subscribers only.

What is the difference between a Study Group and a Spiritual Living Circle?

Study Groups are a group of local members who are sponsored by a minister and member community to get together regularly to study the teachings of the Science of Mind. They cannot teach accredited classes though. Study Groups are not stand-alone ministries or affiliations. You do not need to be a minister or practitioner to be the Director of a Study Group.

What can Study Group do?

Study Groups make it possible to experience support and fellowship with others through the following approved activities:

    1. Reading Science of Mind books and articles;
    2. Listening to recordings of Sunday messages or lectures on Science of Mind topics via YouTube, CD, or DVD.
    3. Sponsoring workshops, non-certificated classes and lectures related to Science of Mind.
    4. Reviewing related material on the Internet.
    5. Discuss the application of Truth Principles in the lives of participants.

Do you have Spiritual Living Circles outside of the United States?

Yes, we do. Note: The Spiritual Living Circles map is continually updated.

When will I receive the monthly Discussion Guides?

Discussion Guides are available to Circle Hosts in the SLC Host Community and can be shared with all group members. Discussion Guides will be available by the 30th of every month.

Who designs the monthly Discussion Guides?

Rev. Lauren Martin writes the Discussion Guides.

Can a Center with a Minister and Practitioners start a Spiritual Living Circle?

Yes, many Centers have Circles within their Center.

Can a non-practitioner lead a Spiritual Living Circle?

Yes, anyone can lead a Spiritual Living Circle.

What materials does CSL provide to Circles members?

CSL provides monthly Discussion Guides and access to 6 months free digital subscription to the Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind Magazine.

How do I contact you with more questions?

We’re happy to be assistance. Please fill out our contact form (link) and we will be in touch.

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