Starting your own Spiritual Living Circle begins with asking your friends to get together to discuss the articles in the Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine.

Once you register yourself as a host with Centers for Spiritual Living, you are connected to a whole community of people around the world who are discussing the articles.

You will be invited into a community forum of Spiritual Living Hosts that can provide you with tips and tools for hosting your circle, exclusive insights, and topics of discussion.

Start a Circle FAQs

What does CSL provide to Circle hosts and participants?

What if I am not a current subscriber to the Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine?

Where do we meet?

Should we be Live or Virtual?

How often should we meet?

Who should facilitate the discussion?

Should we leave time for social interaction?

Should our group be open to the public or by invitation only?

What do I need before I register a Circle?

Will I have ongoing support?

For more information, you can view this information session.

Ready to Officially Begin Your Spiritual Living Circle?

Click the registration button to fill out the form. 

Do NOT use this form to add participants to an existing Circle
Do NOT submit this form multiple times

Once you are a host (have registered your Circle with at least one person (you) as a host) please go to the Circle Host’s page and request access to the Spiritual Living Circle (SLC) Host Community. Within the SLC Host Community you will find the form to add members to an existing Circle or update any information about your Circle.

Submitting this form multiple times or using it to add additional members will create multiple duplicate records.