With Sorrow for the Loss of Constitutional Protection 

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Reproductive rights remain a highly polarized issue, with many differing points of view within each family and spiritual community. Centers for Spiritual Living’s North Star is our Global Vision, our organizational shared values, and our Science of Mind statement of belief, all of which speak directly to liberty, equality, equity, inclusion, human rights, compassion, safety, self-determination, and spiritual living. For that reason, we are unambiguously in support of the lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; unambiguously in support of gender equity and equality; unambiguously in support of LGBTQi+ lives, and unambiguously in support of women being sole decision-makers about their lives, wellbeing, dignity, and choices. 
Overturning constitutional rights may be seen to be the evidence of an organic, flexible self-renewing, democratic social structure, and its power to recreate itself according to the will of its people. Why then, is there a painful smoldering sadness and anger in our nation? Why then are the protesters of the 60s and 70s watching with shock and dismay? Why then are historically marginalized communities experiencing fear and despair? 
Perhaps the answers lie in national polls which show that the Supreme Court’s decision is out of sync with the will of the people, Or perhaps the answer lies in the ominous language used by the dissenting Supreme Court Justices who issued a united statement of dissent: 
“With sorrow — for this Court, but more, for the many millions of American women who have today lost a fundamental constitutional protection — we dissent,” they wrote and warned that “no one should be confident that this majority is done with its work.” I take that to heart when members of the highest court in the nation issue a warning to its people – saying don’t be fooled into thinking this is done. 
What is contained in the warning from the Supreme Court dissenting Justices? 
This: the blow to women’s rights, signals that other previously recognized rights now fall into jeopardy. The warning may stand also as a reminder to us all that it is spiritually appropriate for us to be unequivocally in favor of people’s rights, women’s rights, LBGTQi+ rights, and the rights of people who have been oppressed marginalized, and disenfranchised. The warning evokes the sentiment that we are not to be so spiritually minded, that we are no earthly good, a reminder that we ought not to take refuge in spiritual practice when others on the planet suffer, but instead to let spiritual practice propel us into action. 
To quote Trauma & Co, an organization that supports people who live with and work with trauma, “The control and removal of body autonomy is traumatic and/or can activate trauma memory and trauma responses for so many humans.” Regardless of what an individual’s stance on reproductive rights may be, in the days and weeks that follow, it is likely that we will encounter in our families and communities the complex emotions that go with grieving a loss. We encourage you to reach out to the World Ministry of Prayer for spiritual support and to offer the resources to others who may be struggling with a traumatic response to the Supreme Court’s ruling. 
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Dr. Edward Viljoen, Spiritual Leader 
Rev. Sunday Cote, Field Leader 
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