Knowing Peace in the Midst of War

An important message from your CSL Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement Committee
Not only must we have complete faith in Spirit and Its ability to know and to do, but we must have complete confidence in our approach to It. We must not be lukewarm in our conviction. We must know that we know.
— Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind,” page 159

October 13, 2023 — Given the current level of escalation in Israel and Palestine, we bring our awareness and love to all of those touched by this crisis, to all whom suffer.

The loss of life is devastating, and we decry violence in all forms. To quote the patriarchs of Jerusalem, “We unequivocally condemn any acts that target civilians, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or faith.” Further, the patriarchs said, “We implore political leaders and authorities to engage in sincere dialogue, seeking lasting solutions that promote justice, peace and reconciliation for the people of this land, who have endured the burdens of conflict for far too long.”

Read the Christian leaders’ call to end violence here. We, too, pray for a cessation of violence and for the rights of the Israelis and the Palestinians to live free from fear, violence and war. 

As we explore the power of paradox as CSL’s global theme this month, we’re aware that war and peace form the biggest paradox of all. How do we continue to know peace in the midst of war? We cannot move toward a more peaceful world until we address the underlying causes of violence, inequity, injustice, colonialism and oppression of all forms.  

Our founder Ernest Holmes declared, “The promise that comes from practicing a conscious sense of union with the Divine is a deep, abiding peace even in the midst of personal or planetary challenges. We can create a spiritual chain reaction which can bring peace in the midst of chaos.” 

What We Can Do
We can unite in focusing the energy of love to bring peace to Israel and Palestine, to Ukraine and to all areas of the planet where there is no peace through the creation of a spiritual chain reaction. Allow the energies of peace, love and harmony to rise up and become strong. Peace begins at the center of our own being, where instead of moving to fear, anger or anxiety, we focus on the greater powers of love, peace and harmony.

We hold space for peace to be realized. We convene peace vigils, prayer calls and read sacred texts while also engaging in sacred activism. We band together to remind each other that there is an infinite and divine creative force of life that is wholeness and truth. We stay in constant prayer without ceasing to remember what we know, rekindle our sometimes-dwindling faith and continue to seek the light amid the dark abyss.

Join the Global CSL Community in Prayers for Peace

Peace Meditation & Prayers
Join CSL practitioners in Geneva and CSL communities in Ukraine, Crimea at 12 p.m. (noon) U.S. Mountain Time, Monday through Friday at 12 p.m. (noon) U.S. Mountain Time. Here is the Zoom link.

Heart of Peace Meditation
Join the CSL Heart of Peace Initiative every Monday at 1 p.m. U.S. Mountain Time on CSL’s Facebook page:

However, it is not enough to simply pray. We must also act. Get involved in local agencies providing relief to refugees. Donate to reputable agencies working in areas of the world where there is strife. The GuideStar website provides information about how funds given to nonprofits are used:

A Prayer of Comfort
We offer this prayer of comfort and truth as a collective show of peace and faith in the divine presence of love, right in the midst of war:

There is a power for good in the Universe, and it is moving in and through me this day to bring peace, harmony and good to all. The Divine is everywhere present, especially and including in all spaces of war, conflict and violence. We bless all who are impacted by conflict of any kind. We lift up peace in the midst of war. We pray for healing and comfort where it is needed right now. In gratitude, we declare this truth collectively. And so it is.

In love and solidarity,
CSL Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement Committee

  • Rev. Soni Cantrell-Smith, Spiritual Leader
  • Rev. Sunshine Michelle Coleman, Ph.D., Chair
  • Rev. Beth Linguiri
  • Ayodele McClenney, RScP, liaison to the CSL Leadership Council
  • Rev. Mike McMorrow, D.D.
  • Rev. Kathleen Sibley, Director, CSL Global Services
  • Rev. Audri Williams

Here are some additional resources from the broader CSL community:

Video by Koolulam, a social-musical initiative, meant to bring together people from any and all walks of life. Their idea is to simply stop everything for a few hours and just sing together. The Friday morning prayer group of Rev. Jeri Hudson uses this video and the harmony of Koolulam’s music to unite and help heal out separation.

A Prayer for Peace in Israel and Palestine
Submitted by Rev. Claire Summerhill

God of Comfort, send your Spirit to encompass all those whose lives are torn apart by violence and death in Israel and Palestine.
You are the Advocate of the oppressed and the One whose eye is on the sparrow.
Let arms reach out in healing, rather than aggression.
Let hearts mourn rather than militarize.

God of Justice, give strength to those whose long work for a just peace might seem fruitless now. Strengthen their resolve.
Do not let them feel alone. Show us how to support their work and bolster their courage.
Guide religious leaders to model unity and reconciliation across lines of division.
Guide political leaders to listen with their hearts as they seek peace and pursue it.
Help all people choose the rigorous path of just peace and disavow violence.

God of Love, we lift up Palestine and Israel: its people, its land, its creatures.
War is a monster that consumes everything in its path.
Peace is a gift shared at meals of memory with Christians, Jews and Muslims.
Let us break bread, not bodies. Let us plant olive groves, not cemeteries.
We beg for love and compassion to prevail on all your holy mountains.

God of Hope, we lift up the cities of the region: Gaza City and Tel Aviv, Ramallah and Ashkelon, Deir El Balah and Sderot, so long divided, yet so filled with life and creativity. Come again to breathe peace on your peoples that all may recognize you.

God of Mercy, even now work on the hearts of combatants to choose life over death, reconciliation over retaliation, restoration over destruction.
Help us resist antisemitism in all its forms, especially in our own churches.
All people, Israelis and Palestinians, deserve to live in peace and unafraid, with a right to determine their future together.

God of the Nations, let not one more child or elder be sacrificed on altars of political expediency.
Keep safe all people from unjust leaders who would exploit vulnerability for their own distorted ends.
Give wise discernment to those making decisions to pursue peace.
Provide them insight into fostering well-being, freedom and thriving for all.
Teach all of us to resolve injustices with righteousness, not rockets.
Guard our hearts against retaliation, and give us hearts for love alone.

Strengthen our faith in you, God of All Flesh, even when we don’t have clear answers, so that we may still offer ourselves nonviolently for the cause of peace. Amen.