CSL Headquarters Staff: Our Values in Action

Together, the CSL Headquarters Staff defined our guiding values as we move into a new day for the organization we lovingly support.

The process of establishing our values was layered and intentional, from small breakout groups to the CSL directors’ retreat, moving the energy back into the entire staff for review and approval. Below are the definitions revealed during our collective contemplation.

View the PDF: CSL Headquarters Staff Values

We strive to provide you with heartfelt service rooted in these sacred intentions:

  1. Spirit-Centered: We thrive in the dynamic wisdom of Spirit as revealed in this community.
  2. Wholistically Purposeful: Trusting Spirit, we claim a strategic path to realize a meaningful and impactful vision with integrity.
  3. Integrity: We dwell in a whole, undivided state of honesty, accountability and transparency in thought, word, action and deed, building a community of trust.
  4. Teamwork: We are a loyal community that connects, communicates and collaborates — grounded in Spirit.
  5. Wholeheartedness: Standing in our Oneness — no one and nothing missing — the CSL Headquarters Staff fiercely and fearlessly embraces THE TRUTH.