Colorado Marshall Fire Disaster Relief

To donate to the relief fund, click here and select “Disaster Relief Fund” for the donation type.

Approximately 1,000 homes were destroyed in the devastating Marshall Fire in Boulder County at the end of 2021. When fires burned through northern California in previous years, our communities received a steady stream of emails, Facebook messages, prayers, donations, and love from all over the globe from our Centers for Spiritual Living communities. We even heard from Bhutan, where monks told me that they were meditating on behalf of the people affected, first responders, and volunteers.

The response was a heart-warming reminder of the goodwill that exists within our Centers for Spiritual Living culture. We have before us an opportunity to extend that goodwill once again by relighting the lamp of compassion and generosity for Colorado. This donation page was created in response to inquiries about how to support those affected, and funds collected will be dispersed to Boulder area nonprofits that are engaged in supporting fire victims in the region.

Importantly, I invite you to join me in spiritual practice by reading the meditation below on behalf of those impacted to spiritually contribute to their healing journey as they navigate through the pain and trauma of a year of pandemic, deadly shootings, and exacerbated by the wildfires in Boulder County.

May the new year be one of healing, peace, and health for all of us.

Rev. Edward Viljoen DD., Spiritual Leader
Centers for Spiritual Living

To donate to the relief fund, click here and select “Disaster Relief Fund” for the donation type.



According to our tradition, let us let go of everything else, for just this moment, and enter the consciousness of gratitude for medical professionals, first-responders, and peace-officers everywhere.

Let us abandon all other considerations – for just a moment – and center our attention on appreciation for those who serve. And let us, through our joint meditation of gratitude, abandon anything that separates us, and feel our unity with each other. And let that felt experience of unity keep fresh before us this particular moment of high resolve so that in the months and years to come, we will not abandon our memory of that which has been given to so many through service.

May we stay rooted in mindfulness, with open hearts to those struggling, wherever they may be in their emotions, so that we remain a safe harbor for their experience. And may our contemplation of gratitude inspire us to give, and be kind, and trust the capacity humankind has for being loving.

And I invite you, in a moment of personal quietness, to visualize a world where its people live according to the spiritual truth of their understanding, where humanity continues to awaken to its magnificence, where we live as one family with kinship with all life, and where unity and connection continue to guide us through to the experience of wholeness.