The following is a list of licensed Focus Ministries led by a Centers for Spiritual Living licensed Minister. Each focus ministry represents a unique way of bringing the Science of Mind and Spirit to the world. Some do offer local groups that provide a community that comes together to learn and study our philosophy. Many focus on bringing our teachings to the planet in a more global way. For more information, consult the individual focus ministry’s website to see what types of services they offer.


Abundant Blessings

Rev. Dr. Ona Afrae
Abundant Blessings provides water, food, inspirational literature and environmental supplies to the populations of Homeless Individuals in Oakland and surrounding areas. Led by Rev. Ona, we work together to make a difference in the world we live in.


Consciousness Caravans

Rev. Sally Bartholomew
We are vehicles of Spirit and consciousness: connecting individuals, families and groups in national, state, local campgrounds and parks with Science of Mind principles through spiritual practices, workshops, hiking and service projects. Come join us!


ElderPride Focus Ministry

Rev. Jack Elliott, Spiritual Director
ElderPride serves our LGBTQ+ elder brothers and sisters (and those who love them) with the tools, insights and connections to empower them to age forward with grace and ease.


Fearlessly Feral Living

Rev. Karen Linsley
A well lived life is both free and wild or in other words, Fearlessly Feral.  This focus ministry provides spiritual tools in common sense ways to live Fearlessly Feral. Check out the Fearlessly Feral podcast.


Fully Free; Fully Alive

Rev. Thomas (Tom) J. Pitman
Fully Free; Fully Alive is dedicated to spiritual recovery and working principally with those who have completed 12 Step or other basic recovery programs and desire to grow in spiritual awareness. Our outreach has a strong focus on recovery from trauma-based childhoods and high-risk occupations.


Graceful Passages for Veterans Focus Ministry

Rev. Donna N. Smith
My focus ministry is about helping military veterans heal from their experiences during their deployments to combat areas. I teach them EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as “tapping,” to help them release trauma, stress and anxiety.


Heart, Mind & Spirit Recovery Focus Ministry

Rev. Carol Wilke
Heart, Mind & Spirit Recvoery is a weekly recovery program that explores Science of Mind concepts. This is a program anyone can implement (in person or virtually) at your CSL center.


Heartfelt Farewells Focus Ministry

Rev. Glenn Swain
Heartfelt Farewells is a family-focused memorial and life celebration ceremony that honors the deceased loved one with comforting words, remembrances and original music.


Live Your Limitless Life
Possibility Programs and Music Ministry

Rev. Donna Michael
We are passionately dedicated to providing coaching, counseling, music, ministerial services and special programs to help you “Live YOUR Limitless Life” through the transformative power of spiritual growth and personal evolution.


Magnificence Collective

Reverends Ruth Littlejohn & Champion Fleming;;
Magnificence Collective supports spiritual and religious communities to create and sustain inclusive, equitable environments of belonging and transformation. We facilitate organizational change work through leadership capacity building – coaching, training, small group facilitation and dialogue.


Mindful Gap Focus Ministry

Rev. Kathleen Sibley
I work with communities in transition as a focus minister. I am also available for individual work with ordained ministers, laity and practitioners.


OhMyGod! Productions

Rev. Melissa Phillippe
We are an online and traveling ministry, providing tools for radically joyful living. We provide talks, music, workshops, concerts, and retreats nationwide.


One Love Animal Connection

Rev. Karen Cleveland
One Love Animal Connection is about seeing how God is revealed through animals. Our relationship with God is reflected in our relationship with the natural world. Together we explore what animals can teach us in pursuit of our deepest dreams.


Sacred Living Focus Ministry

Rev. Veronica Valles
Sacred Living provides peace tools in schools with mindfulness and social-emotional learning practices.


Spiritual Care Everywhere

Rev. John Odden
Spiritual Care Everywhere makes spiritual care support from all faiths, including CSL communities, readily accessible in every healthcare encounter and beyond.


Vessels of Spirit

Rev. Steve Kindsfather
Vessels of Spirit Intends to bring the message of Oneness to the world through the principles of Science of Mind. Our vision: “See the face of anyone and realize deeply we are one.”