Are you looking for ways to bring more peace into the world? Centers for Spiritual Living teaches that peace begins within and encourages all of us to bring more peace into our consciousness.

“We must think peace if we wish to express peace. The mind that is always confused and distraught is not at peace; the mind that is continuously upset and agitated by the little, petty things of life is not at peace; it is at war with itself. It is only when the individual mind ceases combating itself that it will stop combating others.” ~Ernest Holmes

In addition to shifting our consciousness, we at Center for Spiritual Living also encourage everyone to consider involvement in certain peace actions in the world. Here are some we support:

Heart of Peace Collective Meditation Groups

Heart of Peace Would you like to start a group for peace meditation? If so, [click here].

Would you like to find a group (either in person or online/telephone) that comes together for a group meditation for peace? If so, [click here].

Association for Global New Thought Peace Seasons

Through its partnership with the Association for Global New Thought, Centers for Spiritual Living encourages all of its member communities and friends to participate throughout the year in the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence. These seasons and their timeframes are described here:

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence which runs from January 30 to April 4, 2017. Special online events with special guests will bookend both the beginning and conclusion of the season. Centers and individuals can access a wealth of information and resources to assist in their own season peace events at

United Nations International Day of Peace

Each year, on September 21, the United Nations devotes a day to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. For information on the programs [click here].

In 2016, Centers for Spiritual Living hosted an official Peace Day celebration at Home Office in Golden, CO. A highlight video of the event is available online at

For more information on our Heart of Peace Committee and its actions, [click here].