CSL Sacred Activism in Action

CSL Sacred Activism includes the following groups:
CSL Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee
CSL Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement Committee
CSL World Ministry of Prayer
CSL Global Outreach (formerly Global Services)
CSL Global Heart of Peace Initiative

What is sacred activism as defined by CSL?

Sacred activism is the intersection where consciousness becomes action, where prayer becomes movement and where spiritual principle becomes practice. Sacred activism is the activity of bringing our CSL Global Vision into reality.

Download and personalize an action-oriented “Commitment to the CSL Global Vision” here.

What does sacred activism do?

Sacred activism manifests as a call to practical and positive action in the world. It urges proactive engagement with social and environmental issues, striving to actualize positive change. Advocating for justice, equity and sustainability, sacred activism propels individuals beyond contemplation, inspiring them to translate their spiritual convictions into meaningful, impactful contributions to society.

Who is the CSL Sacred Activism Committee?

The Sacred Activism Task Force began as the vehicle for  CSL to courageously step into its full mission and purpose as an evolutionary force of  radical love and justice, fearlessly amplifying diverse voices and manifesting our vision of a world that works for all.

The task force has now transformed into the CSL Sacred Activism Committee, and its members serve as a resource for all who are doing the work of reimagining and recreating The Beloved Community globally. Our vision is collective healing, collaboration and cooperation within all sectors, locally and globally, by providing educational, supportive and uplifting resources.