This page was built with you in mind!

the teacher, the education administrator, the minister, and even the student looking for more!

It is our desire as the Education Team to get you accurate information as easily as possible and in a timely manner. As it turns out, there are several topics that we get asked about fairly frequently that inspired the creation of this page. The purpose of this page is to provide answers to many of your frequently asked questions without you having to wait for a response and in a way that saves the valuable time and resources of the staff of this team. This also frees up our time to focus more intently on providing you other resources and tools.

This page will provide you with immediate brief answers, as well as links to more detailed answers where necessary.  

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About Classes, Programs, and More

Where can I find information about upcoming classes?

Where can I find online practitioner courses?

What are the requirements for entering Practitioner Training?

Where can I find recordings of past Education Uplift sessions?

Course Curriculum

Where can I find CSL course curriculum?

Why don't I have access to course curriculum?

Student Information

Student ID#s for Students

Student ID#s for educators and admins

How to request a Progress Report

Course Registration

Do I have to register all certificated courses I teach?

I am an Educator or Admin, how do I register a recently completed certificated course?