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Centers for Spiritual Living

Invites you to explore new possibilities for your life. Our Centers are dedicated to helping individuals discover an inner Power and access spiritual tools that transform personal and professional lives and make the world a better place.


If you are looking for a warm, dynamic, loving community of like-minded people, we encourage you to find one of our many spiritual communities and claim the life your soul is seeking. 

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February 22-25, 2016
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  • testimonial kinsey
    Kinsey Morley, Junior, Pennsylvania State University
    I have been brought up in a Center for Spiritual Living, and I use the spiritual principles every day.  They helped me excel in high school, get into a great college, and now I'm using them to shape my future career.
  • testimonial mike
    Masando Hiraoka, Ministerial Student at Holmes Institute
    When we commune with Spirit, we realize that there is a greater Life happening in the midst of our own.  It’s not something mysterious, simply your greatest authenticity. In this place of oneness, we are all free to be exactly who we are.
  • spirit
    Spirit Corley, Artist and Author
    Science of Mind and New Thought principles have taught me how to connect to the hearts of people, impact lives and have more meaningful and creative exchanges. We're in this life together!
  • Rev. Dr. Rebeka Piña Alonso
    Rev. Dr. Rebeka Piña Alonso CSL, Mexico
    Cuando pasamos por un proceso de transformación, comenzamos a darnos cuenta de que vivimos en un universo inteligente que responde a nuestro estado mental prevalente; y que aquello que sucede dentro de nosotros, determina lo que pasa en nuestro exterior.
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 Meditation fosters a blissful state of being and provides mental clarity. Incorporate a regular meditation practice into your life and connect to the beauty and tranquility that surrounds you. For a free guided meditation:


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